Creegan + D'Angelo receives CUCP Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification

Creegan + D’Angelo (C+D) is pleased to announce our designation as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) through the California Unified Certification Program (Certification #42082). With this certification, C+D is eligible to contribute as a DBE in USDOT projects in California. Our goal as a qualified small and minority owned business is to provide design and construction services for the emerging rehabilitation and new construction markets in California’s transportation and utility infrastructure industries. C+D's DBE certification will provide Prime Contractors pursuing USDOT funded projects in California with the opportunity to utilize a firm with over 60 years of demonstrated transportation and infrastructure experience.

“This certification is an excellent opportunity for Creegan + D’Angelo to participate in larger projects that support California growth. The DBE program is a golden opportunity for C+D to provide jobs and mentoring to other disadvantaged people and enterprises throughout the great state of California. Our team is excited by the opportunities that being certified present us.” said President, Robert S. Jones.


San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2 Modernization

The San Francisco International Airport (SFIA) wanted departure level transportation improvements to be included in the Terminal 2 (T2) Modernization project. T2 modernization includes three transportation and airport security improvements:

  • a weather shelter and passenger waiting platform for shuttle vans and long term parking buses,
  • wider sidewalks and a weather canopy between the Terminal 2 and 1 and between Terminal 2 and 3, and,
  • a new pedestrian bridge to the inner viaduct van/bus stops with the bridge located on the Terminal 2 main entry axis.

Changes and additions to existing structures always present design and engineering challenges. When we first met with SFIA and Gensler Architects, we provided concepts for the sidewalk widening that included new foundations, columns down from the edge of the wing girder, new edge beams and slabs. SFIA said, “We can’t have these columns interfering with existing airport tarmac traffic and future airport plans, including the new control tower.” C+D proposed two new pedestrian bridges on either side of the existing Structure Engineers SMRSF Pier that supported the bridge to the AirTrain Station above. Adding loads to the SMRSF was not recommended and two new bridges would actually be a nice feature. There is no “extra strength” for added weight and passengers waiting. SFIA and Gensler challenged Creegan + D’Angelo Engineers to find structure solutions that met the functional, aesthetic and operation goals of SFIA and Gensler Architects.

Sidewalk Widening and Weather Canopy: The solution was adding steel ribs, spaced at each precast wing girder joint, about 8’ – 6” on center, that have bolts through the wing girder. The ribs, posts and tapered canopy beam create the “structure bones” and architecture rhythm for this crisp blue glass shelter.

Bus Shelter: The bus shelter solution was two bridges from the terminal to the wing girder. C+D developed a welded tubular 3 dimensional steel truss for the van/bus shelter “bones”. After the Architect saw the trusses, he asked, “Are we going to continue the architectural skin and can I use this for signage?” We said “absolutely” – structure provides opportunity for architecture.

Pedestrian Bridge: The final piece of the puzzle was to “fit” the new pedestrian bridge between the (E) SMRSF. The SMRSF could support the added gravity load, define the profile grades and locate supports so the new slab satisfied ADA requirements and fit the (E) conform grades at the terminal slab and inner viaduct sidewalk.


Residential Development showing signs of improvement in parts of California

Creegan + D’Angelo has been involved in North Village, one of the larger master planned communities in Vacaville, that has carved its way through the economic crisis in new home construction. Led by A. D. Seeno Construction Company and Discovery Builders, North Village is a master planned community with 2,500 units of residential, a 90-acre commercial development, elementary school and community college.

Creegan + D’Angelo has been involved since inception, in 1994 the project began a long process of overcoming the regulatory and physical constraints on the site to successfully complete the entitlements. The 877 acre site was encumbered by Interstate 505 to the west, agricultural property and rural house to the north and east, bifurcated east to west by two Pacific Gas & Electric overhead lines, the Gibson Canyon Creek and Solano Irrigation District’s Kilkenny Canal. In addition, the master plan had to incorporate and co-exist with the flight path of the Nut Tree Airport and 150+ acres of environmentally sensitive vernal pool and wetlands located in the site.

To date our work has included the design of:

  • On- and off-site improvements for Units 1 thru 4 involving 588 detached homes;
  • The undergrounding of two irrigation canals with a 48 inch diameter pipe with 80 cfs capacity;
  • 50 acre/foot of combined storm water detention ponds;
  • Dual 54 inch diameter storm drains and 24 inch diameter sewer lines, 22 feet cover;
  • Widening of a 1 ½ mile section of Vaca Valley Parkway from I-505 to Leisure Town Road; and,
  • Reconstruction of a 4,000 linear foot section of Leisure Town Road from Vaca Valley Parkway north towards Midway Road.
  • The City of Vacaville is currently reviewing the application for a Vesting Tentative Map prepared C+D Engineers for an additional 176 units of detached housing.