Surviving the shaking of an earthquake is only the beginning. Earthquake resistant bridges and critical facilities allow disaster to touch lives, slowing the arrival of helpful resources to people in dire need of relief. People need Creegan + D'Angelo.

Our entire Earthquake Engineering staff is dedicated to protecting the public from catastrophic events in buildings and on bridges, as well as ensuring their water and transportation systems stand strong against seismic activity. We are engineering your world to be a better place - a stronger, more resilient place. We are engineering your success.

The Structural Engineers at Creegan + D'Angelo have led the way in seismic retrofit work and code development with FEMA, the Building Seismic Safety Commission, the State of California Office of the State Architect, the California Department of Transportation, East Bay Municipal Utilities Bureau and countless others - especially in regard to water utilities and transportation bridges.

When you choose C+D for your structural engineering needs, our service begins with USGS and NEHRP seismic maps that identify site-specific earthquake accelerations. Then, our engineers conduct performance-based seismic engineering to reduce risks and minimize damage - regardless of structure type or age.

This information is applied to the structure, with designs specific to the owner's performance objectives: collapse prevention performance, life safety performance, immediate occupancy and operational performance. In short, everything we do at C+D is to reduce risk and structure damage losses, while improving human safety.

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Bridge Assessment and Retrofit
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Operations Reliability - Building Strengthening
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