Rolling Hills Development
Location: Fairfield, California

A 638-unit hillside residential development with minimum lot size of 8,000 s.f. (average is 10,000 s.f.). The project involved 1.5 million cubic yards of grading, construction of a 2-lane bridge over Putah Canal and 2.3 miles of primary arterial road which included 3,800 feet off-site, modification of a freeway on and off ramp to/from I-80; 3.1 million gallon portable water reservoir, and 60 acre/foot of storm water detention pond.

This was a fast-track project which began with the Client in June of 1987 with the preparation of the tentative map; the first unit design being completed in November 1987. In November 1988, all grading was completed and 500 lots were turned over to merchant builders.


North Village
Location: Vacaville, California

C+D provided preliminary design and construction documents for North Village Phase I development. The project is the first phase of a 2,500 unit residential and 90-acre commercial development. The first phase consists of:

  • On- and off-site improvements for 588 detached homes;
  • 32 acre/foot of storm water detention;
  • Dual 54" storm drains and 24" deep cover sewer line;
  • Widening of a 3,500 linear foot section of Vaca Valley Parkway from I-505 to Leisure Town Road; and
  • Reconstruction of a 4,000 linear foot section of Leisure Town Road from Vaca Valley Parkway.

Unit 1 constructed 199 units and 2.7 miles of roadway; Unit 2 constructed 192 units and 2.6 miles of roadway; and Units 3 & 4 were completed concurrently and constructed 197 units and 5.6 miles of roadway.

The project site has physical constraints such as being adjacent to the highway, a wastewater treatment plant, being bisected by a creek, power lines, irrigation canals and an airport flight zone.


Bradbury Subdivision
Location: Fairfield, California

A 30-acre subdivision consisting of 207 lots including special drainage facilities and detention ponds. The development consisted of single-family, zero lot-line homes. Engineering services included land planning, tentative and final subdivision maps, improvement plans, and construction staking. The project was located in a flood plain which required design of drainage and flood protection facilities and inundation studies of the Putah South Canal.


Location: King City, California

Creegan + D’Angelo assisted Creekbridge Homes in the preparation of the Arboleda Specific Plan and prepared the Vesting Tentative Map, improvement plans, grading plans, and final mapping of a 115-acre development with 350 lots in 3 phases. The scope of the project also included design of the offsite infrastructure for a new Middle School, offsite street widening, a detention basin with a multi-stage outlet structure, onsite potable water well site and pumping station, baseball park, soccer park, and a linear park.


Canyon Creek Estates
Location: Concord, California

A 105 lot single family subdivision with average lot size of 5,000 feet. The project is a hillside development requiring approximately 300,000 cubic yards of grading. The project included both on-site and off-site improvements. The onsite included grading, drainage, streets, sanitary sewerage, utilities and detention pond. The offsite included modifications to Kirker Pass Road and mile of sanitary sewer and storm drain improvements.

Engineering services included full civil design including grading, storm drainage, sewerage, street design, structural design, final maps, traffic modifications, detention pond design and coordination with petroleum pipeline companies who have easements on the property in obtaining joint use agreement.

This project was the first project to be approved by the City of Concord's design review board that was subject to the conditions of the City's Hillside Grading Ordinance.


Stoneridge Apartments
Location: Pleasanton, California

Site improvement plans for a 520-unit condominium subdivision on 20.7 acres. The project is adjacent to Route 680, Stoneridge Drive and Stoneridge Mall Regional Shopping Center. The existing city storm drain and sanitary sewer mains serving the Stoneridge Mall area were incorporated into the on-site private improvement design. Design of grading and drainage and soundwalls were subject to review by CALTRANS.


Location: Cupertino, California

A 206 unit, 8-story condominium complex and 6,000 square foot retail unit over a common 3-story garage (2 stories are below grade) at the corner of Stevens Creek and De Anza Boulevards in Cupertino. The project is part of a master development including a hotel and park.


Miramar Apartments
Location: San Anselmo, California

This project included the demolition of an abandoned service station and shopping center for construction of this new 3-building, 159-unit luxury apartment complex. Preliminary design included survey and legal mapping for consolidation of two existing parcels. Engineering services included onsite design of utilities, grading and roadways for this project.

The project is located adjacent to the Foster City Lagoon, which causes high water level tables for construction.


Mesa Verde
Location: Hayward, California

A high-density, 1,000 unit hillside, phased development. Engineering services included tentative maps, final maps, improvement plans, cost estimates and construction staking services.

This project required the design of a detailed grading plan to accommodate the high-density hillside development.


Carmel Valley Ranch
Location: armel, California

A 1,700-acre planned development resort community. This exclusive project included 400 residential units, a hotel/lodge, an 18-hole championship golf course, a tennis club, and over 1,200 acres of natural open space reserve. The self-contained community reclaims tertiary treated wastewater for golf course irrigation.

The project is situated in the environmentally sensitive floor and foothills of the Carmel River Valley. Special design considerations were required to compliment the natural beauty of the locale.


Bettencourt Ranch
Location: Fremont, California

A 1,700 acre planned hillside estate community. This exclusive project included 285 half-acre estates clustered to blend with the natural topographic features of the site. Over 1,500 acres of the project is preserved as permanent open-space.

Engineering services included boundary and topographic mapping, mapping for design and master planning; visibility analysis, model preparation, slope density analysis, feasibility analysis, preliminary grading and lot design, utility master planning and cost estimates.

This project is situated in the environmentally sensitive foothills of Fremont. Minimizing project visibility and maintaining maximum amounts of natural hill face and creek canyon areas were required to provide environmental sensitivity and project superiority.


Rose Avenue Senior Apartments
Location: San Jose, California

A 3-story, 66-unit apartment complex with 46-space parking located near the intersection of Rose Avenue and S. White Road. C+D prepared plans, specifications and estimates including topography/boundary, Planned Development Zoning Documents, Planned Development Permit Documents and Construction Documents for Building Department and Public Works Department Submittals.


Silver Creek Senior Housing
Location: San Jose, California

This project included the design of on- and off-site improvements for a 36,000 square foot, three-story building. Improvements included mapping, grading, storm drainage, paving and utilities. The project was designed to City of San Jose Standards and required coordination with local utilities and agencies.

Thompson Creek borders the rear of this property, which required coordination with the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Other agencies involved in the design and coordination of this project include the City of San Jose, San Jose Water Company, Pacific Gas & Electric Company and Pacific Bell.


Shiraz Senior Housing
Location: San Jose, California

A two-story, 61-unit apartment complex, located near the intersection of McLaughlin Avenue and Clemence Avenue in San Jose. C+D prepared PS&E including topography/boundary, Planned Development Zoning documents, Planned Development Permit documents and construction documents for Building Department and Public Works Department submittals, as well as lot combining documents and demolition plan.


Villa Peralta Residential Care Facility
Location: San Leandro, California

The project involved construction of a five-story, 72-unit residential care facility for the elderly. C+D provided development of site improvement plans and processing with public agencies. Work also involved on-site construction staking for rough grading, pad verification, sanitary sewer, storm drain, electrical, telephone, water lines, and finish grades of curbs, gutters, and building corners.


Pleasanton Assisted Living Center (The Parkview)
Location: Pleasanton, California

This 105 unit, 59,581 square foot assisted care facility is located on a 3.6 acre site and includes 31 units dedicated to low-very low income seniors, and 19 Alzheimer patient units. C+D's work on this project included a full topographic and utility survey, development of full construction documents for the Civil Site and Infrastructure improvements.

Particular design challenges included the provision of features which meet the unique transportation needs of the elderly, security considerations for the resident Alzheimer patients, and improvements to a portion of an adjacent park such that a viable link to another Senior Facility at the opposite end of the park would be provided to the residents.