Every year, Mrs. Smith takes her 5th graders to the library to research women in history. Once inside, the children explore safely and securely, their only worry - the Dewey Decimal System. That’s because Creegan + D’Angelo has been there.

At Creegan + D’Angelo, Public Works means looking out for the best interests of the public, whether creating breathtaking streetscapes, bringing power and water to your kitchen, designing inviting parks and public spaces or securing the public buildings your family frequents. In short, good works by good people.

In Creegan + D’Angelo’s 60+ year history, we have engineered hundreds of community resource projects, including roads, utilities and their related infrastructures. Our engineers thoroughly understand the unique and exacting requirements of government and regulatory agencies on Public Works projects.

Using an "Active Project" approach, we develop positive working relationships with governing bodies and agencies. This allows our staff to foster continuous and constructive dialogues to help everyone reach their goals and keep the community happy.

Creegan + D’Angelo produces innovative, sensitive, environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions for critical projects. Let us put our knowledge, our skills and our passion for quality to work for you."

Emergency Response Centers
Water Distribution & Pump Stations
Sanitary Sewer Systems
Local & County Roads
Arterial Highway & Freeway Design
Parks, Playgrounds & Plazas
Golf Courses
Hospitals & Health Care Facilities
Ports and Marinas