Nailing soil, shooting concrete, underwater construction, operating rapid transit on bridges and through stations after a major earthquake, controlling movement and vibration - applied structural technology; That is what we do every day. Public health and safety apply to safe buildings, bridges, transportation and delivery of water, power, and communications to your home and business. We embrace diversity - the diversity of our projects, people, and experience is pollinates all our projects from our broad vision of structures - engineering - construction - performance.

Creegan + D'Angelo applies our values, philosophy, green engineering, and 3-D information modeling and engineering structures to protect public health, build safe homes, and create green buildings and bridges that improve your life, conserve resources and protect our planet.

Building Condition Inspections & Assessment
Building Renovation
Office Buildings
Military Structures
Terminals, Piers and Wharves
Off-Shore Structures
Water Storage Structures
Industry and Pump Stations
Hydraulic Structures