Hayward Industrial Complex
Location: Hayward, California

This complex consists of two high bay tilt up buildings, 303,000 SF and 41,000 SF, with internal tilt up mezzanine office space. To meet the needs of future tenants, the walls and lateral system are designed to accept man and roll up doors in designated areas. Internal braced frames and ductile connections accommodate seismic movement from the nearby Hayward Fault.


Chevron Wax Mold Building
Location: Richmond, California

C+D provided the damage assessment and repair plan for this two story 250,000 SF concrete and steel building. The concrete roof and perimeter walls were damaged during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The initial repair specified epoxy injection of the concrete cracks. A subsequent damage evaluation and seismic vulnerability study indicated weaknesses in the global lateral force resisting system. Seismic retrofits consisting of new shotcrete shear walls and steel braces upgrade the building to meet ATC-14 and Chevron's performance requirements.


Exvivo Therapies Cleanrooms
Location: South San Francisco, California

C+D provided structural calculations, bracing and anchorage design for new cleanrooms and equipment installed in an existing building. The cleanrooms designed and manufactured by Clestra of New York, house sensitive biotechnology research and must remain intact in a seismic event.


EBMUD Adeline Maintenance Facility
Location: Oakland, California

When the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) decided to construct a new maintenance facility on their Adeline Street property in Oakland, CA, they chose "design-build" as the method of project delivery. C+D was hired to provide the structural engineering bid documents for the design-build package.

C+D established the structural design criteria for the project and incorporated the District's performance goals for seismic design and functionality. Seismic criteria included near-fault considerations and immediate-occupancy performance goals.

C+D provided design-development quality documents including foundation design and details, structural framing plans and details, and guide specifications for bidding to "design-build" contractors. The project consisted of 5 new buildings and major remodeling of an existing building and was phased over a two-year period of construction. The Adeline Maintenance Facility was completed in 1997 with a total construction cost of around 22 million dollars.


Pacific Gas & Electric
Location: California

San Rafael Service Center
Removal and replacement of 4 automotive hoists in vehicle repair building and mitigation of contaminated soil within the building. Design of shoring, backfill procedures, hoist foundation, and traffic slab; and field inspection and construction management during construction.

Ignacio Substation Addition
Structural engineering design and construction documents for addition to and remodeling of the control building at a main 500kv switching substation.

Concord Service Center
Mechanical mezzanine repair and reconstruction. Replacement of deteriorated concrete and construction of a new mechanical equipment mezzanine at the Concord District Office Building.

Cupertino Service Center
Dispatch Office Remodeling. Building addition and interior remodeling for expansion of one of PG&E's main dispatch centers.