Imagine a world without access to the things we need, the people we see, the places we play. Imagine the bridge, the tunnel, the street outside your home were suddenly gone. Medications couldn't make it to the pharmacy. Groceries? Missing from the market. And your world? Reduced to the places you're ingenious enough to reach without help.

It makes it easy to see, why in all that we do at Creegan + D'Angelo, we really are engineering your success.

On time. Within budget. Without incident. That's Creegan + D'Angelo. Creegan + D'Angelo Transportation Engineering plays a significant role in the design, construction, maintenance and retrofitting of California's infrastructure. This includes projects in highways, streets & roads, rail, ferries and bike paths, with a special focus on safe bridge structures that keep the community in motion.

C+D assists our clients in implementing transportation improvements to ensure a front seat in the current multi-million dollar transportation funding pipeline. To succeed, we start our services with feasibility studies and resource commitments, followed by project development and complete design to management of the construction process.

Plus, our history, leadership, and knowledge of local, state and federal government regulations and funding programs, help clients stretch limited financial resources - while making the potentially lengthy process move even faster.

Local and State Streets, Roads & Highways
Railroad, Rapid Transit & Light Rail
Parking Consultation & Engineering
Ferry & Water Transportation
Bike Trails