Pier 52 Boat Launch
Location: San Francisco , California

Pile Supported Launch Ramp
Combined ADA Ramp & Boat Mooring Float

The Port of San Francisco constructed a new boat launch ramp and floating boat mooring at Pier 52 in San Francisco. The construction included an ADA compliant pedestrian access to the floating boat access. The boat launch and ADA access ramp were built within a construction budget of $2.0 million.

The double loaded boat launch is 50’ wide and 90’ long. This width allows for a combined pedestrian access ramp and ADA access ramp. The landside approach is graded to subgrade elevations and the top of the boat launch demolition and clearing was cleared for gravel fill to support the approach road. Marine construction with a barge mounted crane and a steel pile dewatered coffer dam was used to drive grade beam and float guide piles for the pile-supported ramp. Some of the piles perform as both support piles and guide piles.

The boat launch ramp uses cast in place grade beams to support the precast plank ramp structure that spans between pile bents. Concrete was placed on days with low tide. When the water goes below +1, the cofferdam is dewatered and reinforcing steel for the grade beams is installed. Precast planks have V-grooves and are tied to grade beams by a concrete closure pour. The process continued down the slope from the on grade abutment and section of the ramp that is supported on grade.

The gangway abutment accommodate a 80 feet X 6 feet wide ADA gangway supported on the landing float. The boarding float guide piles are installed using a barge-supported crane. The landside ADA access bridge ramp is constructed and the boarding float is installed with guides. The access ramp bridge is prefabricated and installed from the abutment to boarding float.

Functional Performance :

  • Boat Ramp – width is wide enough to allow two vehicles and boat trailers to launch at the same time
  • Floating Dock – access and accommodate operations for all tide heights and two launches
  • Pedestrian Access – provide an ADA compliant access ramp at all tide levels


  • Boat Launch Ramp – Precast concrete planks on supported on pile supported grade beams
  • Boat Boarding Floats – Articulated mooring floats with guide piles
  • ADA pedestrian access ramp – Access bridge ramp
  • Landing Float – Concrete deck on steel trussed HDPE floats with pile collars on guide piles

Hyde Street Fuel Dock
Location: San Francisco, California

This pier improvement project involved assessment and repair/replacement of a timber fuel dock. The repair included removal of existing timber piles and cap beams and replacement with large diameter steel piling and a steel super-frame.


Point Molate Fuel Pier
Location: Point Molate, California

This project involved engineering for a 250 foot long pier modification. The work scope included:

  • Structural Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Contract Documents
  • Cost Estimates
  • Construction Inspection

This project includes construction of new access structure from the fuel pier to existing ship mooring dolphins.


Marine Fabrication Facility
Location: Vallejo, California

A heavy industrial waterfront facility designed for the construction of off-shore oil exploration platforms. This project included several million cubic yards of dredging, a multi-cellular cofferdam along the Carquinez Straits, a railroad spur line from Southern Pacific Railroads main line, several fabrication shop buildings for ship building, and site grading, paving, drainage, and utility improvements of a new 50 acre wharf and shipyard dock.

Engineering Services included:

  • Feasibility Study and preliminary design
  • Civil and Structural design
  • Plans, specifications, and cost estimates
  • Surveys
  • Construction administration