I-80 Reliever Route Project
Location: Fairfield, California

Peabody Road, the major north/south intertie between the cities of Fairfield and Vacaville, has been designated as part of an I-80 reliever route bypassing I-80 through Fairfield.

The first phase of this work consisted of the improvement of Peabody Road, widening it from two lanes to five lanes with left turn pockets and transitioning north and south for a 1/2-mile distance.

The second phase of this work consisted of the widening of two lanes to five lanes on Cement Hill Road, intersecting from the west, and the primary connection and realignment of that road to Peabody Road at the major intersection as required.

The third phase consisted of the realignment of 1,300± lineal feet of Vanden Road--a county road--and conforming it to make a complete 4-way intersection with full traffic signaling, as well as phasing for this currently primary north/south route and the future east/west foothill bypass route intersection.

All phases of work involve extensive drainage, right-of-way, acquisition work, in conformance with Caltrans requirements, appraisal maps, and geometric design.


Magellan Road Realignment
Location: Fairfield, California

Magellan Road, an existing frontage road located along I-80 in Fairfield was designated as a new arterial road for the City's new Auto Mall. The project included the design of the demolition of 2,100± lineal feet of existing frontage road and underground/overhead utilities; construction of full arterial roadway improvements for the relocated Magellan Road (between Raleigh Drive and Abernathy Road) and ½ mile of street improvements within Caltrans' right-of-way along Abernathy Road.

The improvements consisted of asphalt pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, storm drain, sewer, water, joint trench, street light, signage, striping, traffic signals and landscaping.


McGary Road Reconstruction
Location: Fairfield, California

McGary Road was closed in 1998 due to damage caused by the Red Top slide. The reconstruction required large segments of the old roadway to be removed and rebuilt, new drainage systems installed, and the entire road surface overlaid with asphalt concrete and striped.

The project improved 1.7 miles of McGary Road from Red Top Road to Lynch Road by rehabilitating severely deteriorated and damaged pavement sections and adding shoulders in specific areas to improve safety and support bicycle traffic. Portions of the project used geotextiles to mechanically stabilize earthen fills reaching 30 feet in height. Roadway subsidence is expected to continue; therefore, rubberized asphalt was laid over a fiberglass grid to minimize offsets in pavement and reduce reflective cracking.

This project received the Solano County Transportation Authority’s Safety Project of the Year in 2010.


Doolittle Drive - Highway 61
Location: San Leandro/Oakland, California

This project addresses the first category in several joint revitalization project categories between the City of San Leandro and the City of Oakland. The project consists of the construction of a median, including landscaping and irrigation for the median and behind the sidewalks, City entryway monument and street lighting. The project limits include a portion of Doolittle Drive, and State Highway 61 from approximately 200 feet south of Adams Avenue in the City of San Leandro to 98th Avenue in the City of Oakland.


Base Realignment (BRAC) Roads and Utilities
Location: Fort Huachuca, Arizona

This project consisted of four separate jobs including utilities/roads upgrades, barracks, dining facility and the NCO Academy. The engineering design work consisted of infrastructure for 310 acres, including 2.5 miles of new roads and 1 mile of roadway modifications, 3 miles of waterline, 1 mile of sewer, 1.5 miles of gas line, 1.5 miles of effluent irrigation line, 1.5 miles of storm drains and 2 miles of drainage channels, 4 miles of underground electrical conduit and 3 traffic signals. Design also included grading, drainage, paving and utilities for a 55-acre barracks/dining site.


Junipero Street Extension
Location: Pleasanton, California

This project involved a new street extension. Design issues included:

  • Restricted right-of-way at adjacent existing flood control channel;
  • Replacement of an inadequate 84" CMP with a flood control channel;
  • Construction of an 8'x8' PCC box culvert;
  • Construction of a rubber at-grade railroad crossing;
  • Street light crossing design;
  • Maintain existing gasoline transmission main in service; and,
  • Traffic signal modifications at Sunol Boulevard.

This project required redesign mid-way due to realignment of roadway. The project included the preparation of detailed plans, profiles, cross-sections and pavement and grading contours.


Fort Ord Base Conversion
Location: Fort Ord, California

These improvements were approved as part of several EDA Awards and FORA's funded projects and include the following Service Orders:

Imjin Parkway - Reservation Road - Imjin Road North Landscaping and Irrigation and Second Avenue
Class I Bicycle Trail, Communication Ducts and Vaults, and Irrigation and Landscaping.

General Jim Moore Boulevard - Normandy Avenue to South Boundary Road
Prepared plans, specifications, and estimates for the improvement of 2.8 miles of roadway including utilities and a Class I bicycle trail. Design speed is 45 MPH. The roadway from Normandy to Coe Avenue will be a divided four lane roadway; Coe to Broadway – divided two-lane; Broadway to Route 218 - two lanes with 8 ft. shoulders.

Eucalyptus Road – General Jim Moore Blvd. to Parker Flats Road
Prepared plans, specifications, and estimates for the improvement of 1 miles of roadway including utilities and a Class II bicycle trail. The design will be for a 45 MPH design speed.

South Boundary Road
Prepared plans, specifications, and estimates for the improvement of 1.4 miles of roadway including a Class II bicycle trail, onsite drainage, lighting and a 3rd lane.

Gigling Road - General Jim Moore Boulevard to east City Limit near 7th Avenue
Prepared plans, specifications, and estimates for the improvement of 1.1 miles of roadway including a Class I bicycle trail, lighting, landscaping, intersection improvements and onsite drainage.


Lewelling Boulevard
Location: San Leandro, California

Project involves one mile of street beautification, adding median with landscaping.


Highway 12 Bypass
Fairfield, California

Relocation and realignment of 3 ½ miles of State Highway Route 12 to bypass the downtown area of Fairfield. Project included a major grade separation, four lanes of highway, a 6-lane bridge structure, two single-span bridge structures, a pedestrian overpass, complex utility relocations including 3,000 feet of a 32" high-pressure gas pipeline, and a 24" waterline. Drainage facilities for the entire area were provided.

Project was unique in that it was initiated and financed by the City of Fairfield. It was also unique in that it was the first State of California Highway project designed by a private firm instead of the State of California.

Engineering services included right-of-way engineering; preliminary and detail civil engineering; structural bridge design; construction staking and direct assistance to the City in coordination of other agencies.


Main Street Reconstruction
Location: Pleasanton, California

This project involved the complete reconstruction of Downtown Main Street from building face to building face. Many buildings are historical structures over 100 years old. New improvements needed to conform to these buildings but also meet current accessibility standards. Pavement grades were designed to correct existing drainage and slope deficiencies. AutoCAD, in conjunction with AddCADD civil engineering software, was utilized to prepare detailed plans, cross-sections and pavement contours. Project phasing, coordination with utility reconstruction and property owners' access concerns during construction were critical elements to this project's success.

APWA Award winning project. Successful for merchants and City. Partnering created an excellent working relationship between City, Contractors and Creegan + D'Angelo, resulting in no back-charges and project completion one month ahead of schedule. Changing project details at Council level were rapidly responded to due to AutoCAD use.


San Jose Downtown Transit Mall
Location: San Jose, California

The Transit Mall is part of the Guadalupe Corridor multi-modal transportation project The project features a 20-mile light rail transit system, a 9-mile freeway/expressway, and a 10-block downtown transit mall.

The project required that two major streets, First and Second Streets, be totally demolished and rebuilt from face of building to face of building. In addition to rebuilding the street, nine facilities for utilities including water, gas, electric, telephone, sanitary sewer, and storm drains were designed.

Engineering services included preconstruction survey of 50 basements and structural design of basement modifications were required to remove basement encroachments from the right-of-way; topographic survey of 50 acres of downtown San Jose, including identification and location of all utilities within the right-of-way; cost estimates, specifications and contract drawings for design development and construction documentation.

This project required very close tolerances for grading (+1/8") due to the use of 2-foot square by 2-foot thick granite pavers in sidewalk and median areas and the rigid tolerances required for the horizontal and vertical alignment of the LRT railway.


Pleasanton Avenue Reconstruction
Location: Pleasanton, California

Replacement of pavement, curb, gutter, driveways and sidewalk; sewer laterals and replacement of sewer pipe-in-casing crossing under the Union Pacific Railroad; addition of storm drainage facilities and street lights.

Pleasanton Avenue is an existing residential street in the downtown area with turn-of-the century homes and mature trees. Extreme care was taken to match existing yard grades, private walk surfaces and retain existing trees while upgrading facilities to current standards.


Texas Street Redevelopment Improvements
Location: Fairfield, California

Reconstruction from face of building to face of building of 8 blocks of commercial area. Included new intersection signalization, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, roadway sections, relocation of utilities, storm drainage, landscaping and lighting.

Project involved working with existing buildings with unique grading and improvement geometry. The "look" of the street was an important consideration.


El Cerro Boulevard / Diablo Road Reconstruction
Location: Danville, California

Reconstruction design for 8,000 L.F. of 4-lane roadway and intersection improvements. This was the first project of several Town of Danville road improvement projects funded by developer assessment district financing. The project was phased to minimize community impact.


State Route 101 Widening, McKee Road to East Hedding St. Overcrossing
Location: Santa Clara County, California

Widening of State Route 101 between McKee Road and East Hedding Street Overcrossing in the City of San Jose. Project involves widening the freeway from six to eight lanes, realignment of existing ramps, construction of sound walls, and modification of local streets, and includes replacing the Taylor Street Overcrossing and the UPRR Underpass.


Highway 238 Widening
Location: Fremont, California

Preparation of precise study plan and signal modification and widening improvement plans, specifications, and estimates for highway frontage of two large community shopping centers on Highway 238 (Mission Boulevard) in Fremont.

Engineering services included precise plan study, design of widening and signal of \modification improvements, preparation of plans, specifications and estimate package, encroachment permit engineering and agency coordination and approvals.

This project required that the ultimate right-of-way for Highway 238 be determined prior to design of the proposed improvements.


Vaca Valley Parkway Widening
Location: Vacaville, California

Addition of a 3rd lane and median on Vaca Valley Parkway between I-505 and Leisure Town Road in Vacaville. The ¾ mile project included the redesign of the superelevation cross slope from 8% to 4%, encroachment and design within Caltrans right-of-way and coordination of access point to existing developments along the parkway. Engineering services included design of pavement, pavement conforms, curb, gutter, sanitary sewer, storm drain, potable and non-potable water, street lighting, electric, gas and telephone.