Acquifer Storage & Recovery
Location: Monterey Peninsula, California

Creegan + D’Angelo provided Water Resources Engineering and Design services for the Phase I Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Project infrastructure. The ASR project injects water pumped from the Carmel River during high Winter flows to an Aquifer Storage facility in the former Fort Ord Lands. During the Summer high-demand and low-river flow periods, this stored water will be extracted back into the distribution system. The extracted aquifer water is intended to replace the supply of water that would otherwise be pumped from the Carmel River and Seaside aquifer during the Summertime. C+D prepared the construction documents for over 12,000 ft. of 30-in ASR transmission main from Canyon Del Rey to the Santa Margarita ASR well site.

The final phase of the Phase I ASR facilities provide injection, extraction, backwash, and recirculation infrastructure to the new ASR well facilities located on the Seaside Middle School site. Nearly 3000 ft. of 12-in, 16-in, and 30-in pipeline was installed in a network of pipelines and valves designed to provide a passive switch-over between different scenarios depending on the pumping season.

Extensive hydraulic modeling was required to determine the effects of extraction and injection on the hydraulically sensitive Monterey Distribution System. Several scenarios were developed utilizing various configurations of both new and existing infrastructure.

C+D refined the original Basis of Design report for CAW’s ASR program and developed the final design alternative for Phase I ASR based on the analysis of multiple operational scenarios and alternatives.


Fairfield Water System Modeling
Location: Fairfield, California

Over the period of three years, we prepared six major models of the City of Fairfield water systems including Zone I, II, III and ultimately Zone IV. These models were created utilizing time dependent demand curves operated to simulate the water system under various scenarios of fire and peak demands. These are the basis for sizing the City storage facilities and pump stations as well as the various expansions of the City system through pipelines up to including a 36" transmission line. These models represent over 700 pipes, 8 major reservoirs, 8 pump stations and service to over 100,000 population.

One additional study was for a non-potable water system distribution analysis in the City utilizing reclaimed water from the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.


City of Gonzales Water System Master Plan
Location: Gonzales, California

Developed twenty-year master plans and capital improvement budgets for the municipal water system for a rapidly growing city of 7,500 persons. Included evaluation of existing facilities and development of a schedule of necessary repairs as well as upgrades to accommodate further growth. Developed capital improvement budget based on both near term and long term growth scenarios. Worked with City staff to develop recommended impact fees to distribute the cost of new capital improvements to new service connections.

Based on information developed in the master planning process prepared Drinking Water Source Assessments for each of four City water supply wells in response to request from the State Department of Health Services. Provided hard copy and on-line digital submittals to the State using their Turbo-Swap program.


Sand City Desalination Water Supply Project
Location: Sand City, California

Creegan + D’Angelo has provided planning, engineering and permitting services since the project’s conception in 2002 including preparation and submittal of environmental permits, grant funding, and preparing the engineering design of the brackish water feed and brine disposal infrastructure for the City’s new desalination facility. The desalination facility uses reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection to treat otherwise unusable brackish water drawn from wells adjacent to the beach in Sand City. The concentrated salt solution is returned to a horizontal injection well at the same salinity as seawater into the sand aquifer below the surf zone, instead of using a direct ocean discharge.

Permitting for desalination facilities is a complex process in California, one that has delayed the implementation of nearly all of the currently planned facilities. The Sand City desalination facility is the first full-scale, municipal desalination plant in California to receive permitting under the new LT2 and CDPH surface water treatment regulations.


Northeast Fairfield Zone II Pump Station
Location: Fairfield, California

The pump station to feed this reservoir consisted of three 50 horsepower pumps with a capacity of 1500 gpm per pump with a total head of 100 feat. The pump station takes water from the existing Zone I pressure zone in the City of Fairfield and elevates it to this Zone II storage facility. The pump station is fitted with telemetry for controlling pump start and stop due to reservoir elevation and a sound enclosure for noise attenuation in the nearby residential neighborhood.


Solano Irrigation District Pump Station
Location: Vacaville, California

The pump station consists of three pumps of 1700 gpm. 150 horsepower each plus an additional pump of 1200 gpm capacity and 100 horsepower. All of these pumps were also fitted in a separate sound enclosure.


Rio Vista Well 10
Location: Rio Vista, California

This project consists of the design of the City of Rio Vista Municipal Well 10. The well is an 850 gallon per minute well with standby chlorinations, the well is located less than 100 feet from the Sacramento River. The well was designed at 600 foot to tap into the deep acquifer due to the well's proximity to the river.


San Benito Water Distribution System
Location: San Benito County, California

This project was part of the $200,000,000 San Felipe Project to delivery 150,000 acre-feet of water to San Benito and Santa Clara Counties. The San Benito section is a county-wide water distribution system to supply 45,000 acre-feet of water annually to 21,000 acres. The system includes 90 miles of 6" through 30" pope and 4 pumping stations with a total of 3,500 horsepower. The water will be supplied at a rate of 150 cubic feet per section (67,000 gallons per minute) to 700 farms, 4 ground water percolation sites and the cities of Hollister and San Juan Bautista. The water will be delivered at a pressure suitable for sprinkler operation - 60 points per square inch or greater.

Engineering services included conceptual design; preparation of preliminary plans; financing concepts; Federal PL 130 loan applications; plans and specifications and project budget.

Construction of the pipeline was accomplished by eight contractors working under C+D's supervision.

The project required liaison and negotiation with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the federal agency that supplied funding for the project. Coordination was required so that all San Benito County facilities were designed compatible with other San Felipe Project facilities.


Zone II Water Storage and Distribution
Location: Fairfield, California

A 2 1/2 mile 16 distribution pipeline, 2.7 MG storage reservoir, and a major pump station with connections to the existing treatment plant. Engineering services included feasibility study, preliminary design, improvement plans and construction Staking services.

The project provided water for the development of the northern part of the City of Fairfield, which required a second pressure zone.


Water Main to Anza Area
Location: Burlingame, California

Approximately 3,600 feet of new 12" water transmission, 800 feet of 6" water main replacement and 400 feet of 8" water main replacement. The project also included a 145-foot casing under the Southern Pacific Railroad Company right-of-way.

Engineering services included feasibility study, preliminary design, final design and specifications, construction management and construction inspection.

This water line extends reliable water flows and pressures from the center of the City out to the freeway for future connections to a high value commercial area. This project required C+D to acquire all permits for the project (including Southern Pacific Railroad Company) and provide complete construction management.


Northeast Fairfield Zone II 12MG Reservoir
Location: Fairfield, California

This is a 2-celled, trapezoidal, reinforced concrete reservoir constructed underground in the saddle of two hills utilizing an roof with two feet of earth cover and natural vegetation for screening. This project was designed because of the environmentally sensitive area and a need for extensive water storage in the northeast part of Fairfield. The work we performed for this reservoir was the initial engineering studies to locate the facility, we modeled the City water system to determine the required reservoir size and pump station facilities. We were responsible for the survey, grading and drainage, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering plans for the reservoir. Also involved was a complex inlet/outlet valving station to provide for control of flow into and out of the reservoir chamber, the overflow weir collection gallery, and bypasses for draining the reservoir.


North San Jose / Alviso Reservoir
Location: San Jose, California

This 3 million gallon steel reservoir has been designed to be installed in a low area in Alviso. As a result, a 10-foot fill has been established to allow construction of the reservoir above the potential 100-year high tide level assuming a breach of the protecting dikes. This has been designed to allow outside access via a spiral stairway welded to the tank and utilizes a combined inlet/outlet with a double ball-joint slide fitting that will allow up to 16" of total flex due to seismic impact and is designed to be fed by gravity but to discharge by pumping into the City main system.

The project is in an industrial area, however the tank is being painted in a slightly off-blue/gray color with mottled white clouds over a third of the tank side area. Since the tank is elevated above the line of sight of drivers, it was intended to soften the tank as much as possible against the skyline. It is also fitted with 3' knuckles to further soften the sharp edgeline.


Rancho Solano Zone III - 3.1 MG Reservior
Location: Fairfield, California

This reservoir was the first storage facility in the City of Fairfield's newly created Zone III pressure zone. It not only serves Zone III but provides backup fire storage for the Zone I and II systems through check and pressure regulating valves. The pump station for this reservoir was a separate feedline from the Waterman Treatment Plant, bringing water directly from Zone I to Zone III and it serves the area above elevation 200-300 feet in the Rancho Solano subdivision.

Work included site grading and drainage and utility extensions to service the project; including connection by radio to the City of Fairfield Waterman Treatment Plant for master telemetry.