Creegan + D'Angelo engineers live in a world of "What if?" What if an earthquake breaks the water main? What if we could create a more efficient and redundant system for municipalities? We ask ourselves, "What if?" so citizens never have to. We ask ourselves, "What if?" so we are always one step ahead.

That's why, as a premier Water Resource Engineering provider, we have been selected by the City of San Jose, the City of Pleasanton, East Bay Municipal Utility District, East Bay Discharge Authority, San Leandro Water Quality Control Plant and Union Sanitary District to design potable water, storm water and wastewater related infrastructure. What can our engineers do for you?

Using state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge software, Creegan + D'Angelo addresses the needs of domestic water supply and distribution, agriculture and landscape irrigation, collection treatment and disposal of municipal and industrial wastewater, plus flood control and drainage.

Our master planning and global design of water and wastewater facilities includes buried and above-grade potable water storage reservoirs, tanks, pipelines and pump stations. We prepare wastewater master plan studies and flood plain studies, we engineer drainage ponds and detention basins storage, in addition to building computer hydraulic models of major municipal water distribution systems.

Using our thorough knowledge of water resources, C + D professionals create the overall quality of life and sense of community sought by private clients and public agencies.

Master Planning
Storm Drainage
Water System Design
Sanitary Sewer Systems
Wastewater Treatment