North Village Sewer Master Plan
Location: Vacaville, California

The sanitary sewer master plan consists of the development of computerized flow modeling of an 882-acre community consisting of 2,500 residential units, 90 acres of business park, 60 acre college site, 10 acre elementary school and 215 acre park. The project included modeling of existing and buildout conditions for the City of Vacaville to determine the impact of the North Village development. Work included modeling, preliminary pipe and pump station sizing, cost estimates, allocation of cost to benefiting properties and negotiations which the City on annexation and EIR impacts.


Feasibility Study of Wastewater Reclamation Alternatives
Location: Monterey, Seaside and Fort Ord, California

Feasibility analysis of the cost of wastewater treatment at the Monterey and Fort Ord treatment plants combined with advanced wastewater treatment compared with aquaculture wastewater treatment combined with advanced water treatment. The reclaimed water would be treated to domestic water quality for injection into the Seaside aquifer.

Engineering services included analysis of alternative treatment methods; determine capital improvement costs; develop operating and maintenance costs; analyze reliability; and compare the present worth of each system.

The results of this analysis were submitted to the Monterey Penninsula Water Management District for determining whether wastewater reclamation can be utilized to augment the available water supply for the District.


Paradise-Tamalpais Sewer Replacement
Location: Corte Madera, California

Evaluation and design of 27" replacement sewer. Engineering services included field inspection; cost effective analysis; report preparation; final design and specifications; permit processing and cost estimating.

This project started with the field evaluation and surveying of an existing under-capacity sewer. Alternatives which included replacement, pumping and storage were considered. The replacement alternative was the most cost-effective solution. The project included the crossing of U.S. 101 and threading the pipe through areas severely congested with existing utilities.


City of Gonzales Wastewater System Master Plan
Location: Gonzales, California

Developed twenty-year master plans and capital improvement budgets for the wastewater collection and treatment systems for a rapidly growing city of 7,500 persons. Included evaluation of existing facilities and development of a schedule of necessary repairs as well as upgrades to accommodate further growth. Worked with City staff to develop recommended impact fees to distribute the cost of new capital improvements to new growth.

Based on information developed in the master planning process, prepared Report of Waste Discharge and additional follow up documentation for the 22-acre treatment lagoon system. Reports included a hydrologic evaluation of the existing monitoring well system, and further analysis of treatment alternatives, in response to requests by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.


Alley Sanitary Sewer Replacement
Location: Fairfield, California

This 32 block project involved the replacement of active 4" and 6" sewer lines with new 8" sewer lines; removal and replacement of the surface area and alley approaches. Extensive work was required to coordinate with local residents and businesses in the area regarding interruptions of service and access. A detailed phasing and scheduling plan was prepared to minimize inconvenience and disruption.

Television inspection was used to locate existing laterals and new cleanouts were installed at the property lines.

Extensive coordination was also required with PG&E and Pacific Bell regarding underground gas and aerial utilities. This coordination for the relocation was not only horizontally, but vertically to accommodate the 2 foot thick design section.


Yosemite Sanitary Sewer
Location: Yosemite National Park, California

Four miles of 21" diameter cast iron force main through the valley floor of the developed area and along the main public road into Yosemite Valley. The project included the undergrounding of a 4,000-volt electric transmission line and renovation of an existing pump station to increase its capacity while providing continuous sanitary sewer service to the Park.

Engineering services included preliminary comparison of the various alternates including evaluation of rehabilitating an existing 20" clay pipe gravity line, replacement of the line along the same alignment and a new alignment; preliminary and final design including plans and specifications; services also included construction observation, work on environmental considerations, obtaining approval from the National Park Service, and liaison with other interested groups.


Glen Cove Trunk Sewer System
Location: Vallejo, California

A two-mile long trunk sewer line under existing streets and Interstate Highways 80 and 780. This project was requested to relieve existing sewers that lacked capacity to service the growing Glen Cove area of Vallejo. The project included crossings under I-80 and I-780.

Engineering services included preliminary design; plans, specifications, and cost estimates; designs surveys and "As Built" surveys.

The project required extensive coordination with existing utilities and the design of several flow-splitting structures and the integration of existing sewer lines with excess capacity to minimize total project costs.


Graham Hill Road Sewer
Location: California

The Graham Hill Sanitary Sewer project will provide a connection for the Pasatiempo/Rolling Woods area of Santa Cruz County and more specifically the Graham Hill Estates Project to the Santa Cruz Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility. The pipeline was sized to serve 1,100 residential units although the first phase is limited to 60 units. A section of the pipeline will siphon under the San Lorenzo River, and was recently installed by directional drilling to avoid impacts to the riparian corridor.

The project was coordinated with the City of Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz County Department of Public Works. Permits from the Corps of Engineers (404 Permit) and the Department of Fish and Game were not required because the project will not affect the environment of the San Lorenzo River.


Paradise Pump Station Modification
Location: Corte Madera, California

Design off a modification to the Paradise Pump Station to increase the capacity from 7 MGD to 12 MGD. This modification also included providing a 750 KW standby generator, a hydropneumatic surge control system, variable frequency drives, telemetry, and a new pump control system. The existing pump station has a very small wet well that could not be enlarged and the pump station could not be bypassed to taken out of service during construction.

Engineering services included preliminary design, plans, specifications, cost estimate, construction services and inspection.


Rancho Solano Sewer Lift Stations
Location: Fairfield, California

Phase 3 Sewer Lift Station
This project included the design and construction administration services for a duplex 30HP submersible pump lift station that serves a 217-lot residential subdivision and included 1,800 linear feet of new 6-inch force main to tie-in to 1,100 linear feet of existing 6-inch force main. The station design includes a back-up power emergency generator; all inside a fenced site.

Unit 5 Sewer Lift Station
Constructed in 2002, this project involved the design of a small sewer lift station (duplex grinder pumps) and 1,400 linear feet of 4-inch force main with special check valve vault at the connection to an existing 6-inch force main. The station also includes radio telemetry, a backup emergency generator and is sized to serve 40 single-family units with easy expansion potential to serve 40 additional units.


Cement Hill Sewer
Location: Fairfield, California

Approximately 3 miles of trunk sewer and a major 1.06 million gallon sewage pump station. Engineering services included improvement plans, construction staking and assessment district engineering.


East Monterey Sewage Pump Station
Location: Monterey, California

Expansion of existing pump station and force main. The design allowed for the gradual phasing-out of two existing pup stations to be replaced by a single 8-foot diameter dry pit package pump station containing two 60-horsepower pumps, each capable of delivering 540 gpm at 180 feet TDH. The design included the modification of a nearby existing pump station to serve as a wet well for the Smith & Loveless package station, 4,700 feet of force main, and an emergency standby power supply.

In addition to the pump station design, a Design Report was prepared which analyzed the merits and costs of various design alternatives. C+D provided a hydraulic analysis of the impacts of the additional flow on 7,600 feet of existing downstream gravity sewer and made specific recommendations as to where additional capacity would be required. Recommendations were made as to how the new pumping station could be phased into operations to coincide with the gradual increase in population in the East Monterey area.


Carmel Valley Ranch Wastewater Reclamation Plant
Location: Carmel Valley, Monterey County, California

A 100,000 GPD wastewater reclamation plant for the 1,700 acre, 400 residential unit Carmel Valley Ranch resort. The treatment plant was designed to meet California Water Reclamation Criteria (Title 22) for non-restricted impounds and golf course irrigation. The treatment process chain includes screening, grounding, aerated equalization and grit removal, rotating biological contactors, clarification, coagulant addition, dual media filtration and chlorine disinfection. Engineering services included predesign planning analysis to evaluate feasibility of meeting specific plan Use Permit requirements, design report to meet Title 22 requirements and to obtain the waste discharge permit, preparation of plans and specifications for the reclamation plan. Construction management/resident engineering, consulting for system start-up, consulting and maintaining of plant operations.


Salinas Utility Services Wastewater Treatment Plant
Location: Tora Area, Monterey County, California

Analysis of the existing Salinas Utility Services Wastewater Treatment Plant system to resolve operating problems, upgrade the system and prepare a wastewater discharge application. Existing oxidation pond did not meet discharge requirements and was operating under a Cease and Desist Order. Engineering services included a report addressing the necessary steps to remove Cease and Desist Order, design the system to provide service for a total of 1,065 homes while meeting the nitrate standards. Work included the final design of a 300,000 GPD Sequencing Batch Reactor. Services included field investigations, review of existing plans and reports, review of treatment plant loading and flows, report with recommendations for upgrade, obtain the removal of the Cease and Desist Order, permit application, design of new facility, cost estimates, construction management, and aid in start up of new facility.


Ora Loma Reclamation Project
Location: San Lorenzo, California

An 800,000 gallon per day wastewater reclamation and golf course irrigation project. The project involved upgrading the existing Ora Loma Treatment Plant to meet Title 22 requirements for irrigation of the City of Hayward's Sky West Golf Course and reclaimed wastewater. The project included a chlorine contact chamber meeting Pomona criteria, two pump stations, 7,000 feet of force main, well pump replacement, and wind speed and direction controls on existing irrigation pumps for public safety.

Engineering services included preliminary design report; plans and specifications; shop drawing review during construction; and operations and maintenance manual.

The design of this project was complicated by the need to retrofit the existing golf course irrigation system with wind monitoring equipment that limits irrigation to night periods of favorable wind and wet weather conditions.